Committee on EMF Radiation & Health seeks to bring transparency on electro-magnetic fields, spread findings of authentic scientific research & studies related to EMF and its impact on human health and to counter motivated and false propaganda to discredit the cellular industry.

Basic Functions of this Committee:

  • To participate at various platforms to spread true scientific positions on this sensitive issue and to counter malicious and mala fide propaganda.
  • To articulate mobile handset industry’s position on the EMF issue.
  • Any other points which the Committee decides to take up in relation to this issue/topic.

Committee Chairman & Co-Chairman:

Mr Sandeep Bhargava, Director, Corporate Affairs of Microsoft Devices, is the Chairman and Mr Michael Milligan, Secretary General of Mobile Manufacturers Forum, which is ICA’s global affiliate, is the Co-Chairman of this Committee.

Committee Members:

  • Amit Gujral: Marketing Head, LG
  • Imran Khan: Product Head, Gionee
  • Manoj Kumar Gupta: Sony
  • Prashanth Gadiyar: VP – Products Planning & development, Lava
  • Prasoon Sharma: GTM Strategy, Motorola
  • Rishi Chawla: General Manager, Corporate Relations, Samsung.
  • Sachin Naik: Xolo
  • Sanjay Johri: Head Logistics, warehousing & Commercial, Spice